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Bridges Land Mobile Radio Systems

The VE-PG4 allows you to bridge almost any modern communications system to Icom’s universe of Network products and more. 

Interconnect in a variety of ways:

  • LTE PTT Products

  • WLAN radio products

  • Icom's IDAS™ conventional and trunking systems

  • Analog radio systems

  • P25 systems

  • DMR systems

  • SIP Phone

LTE Transceiver Gateway

Install a CONNECT SIM card the VE-PG4 can interconnect the IP501H with conventional radio systems and IP100H terminals. Receive and transfer GPS information from the IP501H to a PC.

Bridge Between Radios Systems

The VE-PG4 interconnects with two or more radio systems, even when the systems use different bands. All received audio is bridged to opposing radio system, so a radio user can talk to all connected radio users. The built-in digital voice converter converts analog audio to IDAS™ compatible digital audio.

IP Phone Interconnect

The built-in simplified SIP server can assign extension numbers to IDAS™ radio terminals, IP advanced radio terminals, and groups of analog radio users as well as IP phones. A radio user can initiate phone calls. Phone users can make individual or group calls to connected radio users.

Multi-Site Connection

Connect two or more VE-PG4s through LAN or LTE (4G). The communication area can be flexibly expanded, and dispersed radio sites can be connected, regardless of distance or radio system used.

External Equipment Connection

Public address system, siren, warning light and other external devices can be connected to the VE-PG4. When detecting an emergency signal, users can start emergency notification from either a digital transceiver, IP transceiver or public address system.

Instruction Manual
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