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*IMPORTANT - Contact and ask about LTE Airtime Pricing required for this product.


**IMPORTANT - Contact and ask about available options for this product.



Application that allows you to talk to LTE radios from your smartphone.


| LTE radio application for business customers


This application is a service for business customers. Also, you cannot use it just by installing it, you need to set up a login account at an Icom dealer. Please contact your dealer for more information.


| You can install it on your smartphone and talk to LTE radios


The IP500APP is a PTT application that can communicate with Icom LTE radios such as the IP501H, IP503H and IP501M. By installing this application on your smartphone, you can get almost the same functions as with Icom LTE radios.


| Radio terminal or application, use either one according to your needs


For field workers who frequently exchange information and need immediate response, LTE radio terminals are suitable since they can be used easily and quickly. For managers who need communication only when giving instructions or understanding situations, the IP500APP installed on asmartphone may be suitable. By using either one of them, according to your needs, you can use the LTE radio system more conveniently.


| Full-duplex and multiple user communications


Icom's LTE radio on both radio terminals, and the IP500APP application, supports full-duplex communication, just like a mobile phone. It enables smooth telephone style conversations. It also supports multiple user communication by a large number of people, and can be used for telephone conferences. In case of an emergency, you can break into an on-going call to transmit an important message.


| Equipped with almost the same functions as an LTE radio.


Supports Individual, Group and All calls. In Group calls, one terminal can belong to multiple groups, so flexible operation is possible. In addition, you can have almost the same functions as the LTE radio, such as recording/playback functions and send/receive for preset text messaging.


| Expandable communications with various radio systems and protocols


Installing an optional VE-PG4 RoIP gateway enables you to interconnect with various communication systems such as digital, analog radios, and IP phones, in addition to LTE radios.










  • Android®: 8.0 or later

    iOS®: 12 or later

    *Operation is not guaranteed on all Android or iOS devices.

    Also, it may not work, depending on the OS version or installed applications.
  • This application cannot be used just by installing it.

    At the first startup, login settings are required. Please contact your dealer for more information.
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