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IP501H Radios for Security Company in Germany



When it comes to securing wide areas, especially on railway tracks, the cost for infrastructure such as repeaters, license fees for the frequencies, mobile radios and handsets can go up very high.

With this knowledge, WPS, a German based security company, bought 30 pcs of IP501H for their communication between the headquarters and external employees, patrolling on railway tracks and inside trains.

Using a VE-PG4 and the IP100FS, they can easily dispatch from their control center and receive emergency calls.
Sometimes during major operations like railway accidents or storms, it’s mandatory to move out quickly to remote areas and keep contact with the control center.

For this and other security related tasks, WPS would like to extend their system with the gateway function of the VE-PG4 for the interconnection with analogue and digital twoway radios as a future plan. The possibility of integration of their telephone system by VE-PG4 was also one of the main reasons for their decision on Icom products.

Since the market launch of the IP501H, WPS has been waiting for the upcoming IP501M in order to have reliable communication inside their emergency vehicle fleet. Their system is planned to be upgraded by those.

Case study supplied by Icom (Europe) GmbH.:

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